About Ehime prefecture

Ehime Prefecture is in Shikoku, an island located Southwest of Japan's main island of Honshu. It is blessed with incredible natural beauty, clear waters and rich cultural heritage. It is located near the popular cities of Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Beppu and faces the Seto Inland Sea which has mild to warm weather all year round. Amongst its most popular attractions in Ehime Prefecture include Dogo Onsen, Shimanami Kaido, Nanyo (Retro townscape) and 'Tai' (Sea Bream).

There are approximately 40 varieties of citrus fruits grown locally in Ehime, and Ehime stands as one of the largest production of citrus fruits in Japan. Ehime oranges are famous for its high natural sugar content with well-ballanced acidity. From November to December, it is the best season for the Unshu orange which has a great reputation of being a premium fruit. It is believed that the sun rays from the sea which reflect to the sloping hills are what makes this orange exquisite. Besides its natural environment, the quality and safety of these oranges are taken into account. The Unshu orange has won the double star award at the Vegetable Sommelier Summit held by Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association.

Ehime Prefecture surrounded by the sea has rich natural beauty and offers a variety of local products such as premium orange juice, dried shiitake mushrooms, Ehime jellies, miso paste, and Ichiroku Taruto. If you are interested in purchasing these or other Ehime products, please contact Ehime Foreign Access Zone Co.,Ltd.

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Ehime Products

Unshu Mikan

Mandarin Orange

Fusen Mikan Jelly

Orange Jelly in a balloon

Onshitsu Mikan Juice

Premium Orange Juice

Marugoto Mikan Jelly

Whole Mandarin Orange Jelly

Takao Sake

Japanese Sake

Ichiroku Taruto

Japanese Sweets


Dried Mushrooms

Hizuo Miso

Fermented Bean Paste (barley)


About Ehime Foreign Access Zone Co.,Ltd.

About Ehime Foreign Access Zone Co.,Ltd.

Ehime Foreign Access Zone Co.,Ltd.is a third-sector company established in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, with investment from 48 public and private organizations and companies to promote the creation of a core center for trade and international industrial exchange in Shikoku and the Seto Inland Sea.

In 1996, the Ehime International Logistics Terminal (I-LOT), Ehime's trade hub centered on the Port of Matsuyama, and the Ehime International Trade Center (Item Ehime), an exhibition venue, were opened. Since then, we have been supporting the internationalization of Ehime companies and overseas transactions by managing and operating both facilities, providing support for trade practices, and planning and implementing various projects such as international trade fairs and business meetings.

In the trade business, we are making efforts to export food products from Japan, including foodstuffs from Ehime Prefecture. If you are interested in purchasing Ehime products or Japanese products, please contact Ehime Foreign Access Zone Co.,Ltd..